Workshop with one of our students on Emotional Intelligence

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26 mayo, 2016
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22 junio, 2017

Workshop with one of our students on Emotional Intelligence

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At Hey! Let´s English we create an English zone, where we invite our students to share their personal interests / knowledge with the other students. Each Friday we organize after work social gatherings and our students can host one of this evenings if they feel like it. Last month our student Rocío, who is a psychologist at RyE Psicología y Formación, took this opportunity and she gave a class about Emotional Intelligence. We hereby present you with an interview with Rocío, regarding the workshop.

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

A: My name is Rocío, I am 28 years old and I am from Málaga. I studied Psychology and I did an intense course in Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. Nowadays, I work for RyE, Psicología y Formación, here in Málaga.

Q: Why did you join the Hey! Let´s English Academy?

A: I was looking for an academy to improve my English and to prepare for the First Certificate (Cambridge), but I don´t work according to a fixed schedule and therefore I had to find an academy with flexible hours. Hey! Let´s English is the only academy that I found that offers flexible schedules and moreover the classes seemed different to classes that I took before, more fun, so I decided to join the academy.

Q: A second reason why I joined the academy is related to my profession. There are a large number of articles published in English and in order for me to fully understand them I find it important to improve my English.

A: How long have you been with the academy now? How is English helping you in your work / Psychology study?

Q: I have been with the academy since October.

A: English helps me understand articles that are not translated to Spanish and I can also watch some interesting videos and read blogs about Psychology that otherwise, I would not understand.

Q: Last month you gave a class on Emotional Intelligence. Can you explain what Emotional Intelligence is in a few words?

A: Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, use, express and regulate our own emotions and other’s emotions.

What have you taught the students about Emotional Intelligence in general? And what should people in general know about Emotional Intelligence?

In the class we talked about what an emotion is and what Emotional Intelligence is. We also discussed why Emotional intelligence is important in daily life and how we can improve this ability, which we all have, of influencing emotions.

It is important to know that Emotional Intelligence is an ability because as it is an ability, we can improve it. Emotional Intelligence can help you know yourself in a better way, have better relationships or to have better self-esteem. It is important to learn how to identify, express and regulate emotions, because in this way, we will be able to manage daily situations more appropriately.

Q: What exercise(s) did you do with the students and do you recommend people in general regarding emotional intelligence?

A: We played “Guess the emotion”, in this exercise, a person had to express an emotion through mime or drawing but they were not allowed to speak and the others had to guess the emotion expressed. This is a fun activity where you learn how to identify emotions and at the same time it makes you aware of how good you are at expressing emotions. It is a simple but effective activity that you can play with family and friends of all ages.

Q: If you could give another class to the Hey! Let´s English students, what topic would you choose?

A: I think that perhaps ´public speaking strategies´ would be a good topic. This topic would be related to the study of English because when you are learning a language you can feel insecure at times and then people need technics to calm down and express themselves in a good way. Also, public speaking would be an interesting topic for those who are preparing Cambridge exams, which contains a speaking task.

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